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We service customers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia

Looking for used pressure washer equipment in Richmond, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Tysons Corner, Arlington, Alexandria, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Virginia Beach & Chesapeake Virginia or anywhere in Virginia? Often business owners want to upgrade to a more powerful or newer pressure washer and trade- in their current model.

Our certified technicians repair all used pressure washers for sale

Our certified technicians repair trade-ins, ensuring they run properly. The end result is we offer used pressure washers for sale at discounted pricing. Our pre-owned pressure washers sell fast, so check with us often.

Hotsy of Virginia We Have A Constant Supply of Used Pressure Washers

BE Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer- 4 GPM @ 3500 PSI. 220V. Rebuilt Cat Pump and Electric Motor. Mounted on a portable cart. $900.00

Hotsy 1075SSE Hot Water Pressure Washer. 700 Hours, 13 HP Hoda w/ electric start, 3500 PSI @ 4 GPM, rebuilt pump and new burner coil. This used Hotsy comes with a 6-month warranty- $3000.00- SOLD

Whitco Raider 4030 Hot Water Pressure Washer. 3.5 GPM at 4000 PSI. 13 HP Honda with electric start. $2750.00

Alkota Hot Water Pressure Washer- 3 GPM @ 1000 PSI. 110 Volt with diesel fired burner. $1200.00

Mi-T-M Stationary Hot Water Pressure Washer- 4 GPM @ 2800 PSI. 230V with diesel burner. $3500.00

Mi-T-M Cold Water Pressure Washer. 3.4 GPM @ 4000 PSI. AR Pump. $900.00- SOLD

Alkota 241B Steam Cleaner- 110V, Natural Gas- This unit comes with a new coil and pump and is in excellent condition. – $1900- SOLD

BE Cold Water Pressure Washer- 13HP, 4GPM, 3800PSI. Rebuilt Comet Pump. $750.00

BE Cold Water Pressure Washer- 13 Horsepower, 4 GPM @ 4000 PSI. New Comet Pump. $950.00

North Star Hot Water Pressure Washer. 2000 PSI, 2.75 GPM. 230V with a diesel fired burner and a Cat Pump. The unit has been completely rebuilt by factory trained service tech. $1700.00- SOLD

Hotsy 550- 110V Hot Water Pressure Washer. Rebuild Pump and burner. New Coil- $1500.00

Trailer Mounted Unit- Dual Axle Trailer with Hot Water North Star Pressure Washer- 13HP Honda Electric Start, New Pump, 2 Chemical Tanks and One 300 Gallon Water Tank. $5500.00 Selling for the customer- no warranty. SOLD

Alkota 2122 Hot Water Power Washer. 110V electric pump with a Diesel Burner. Has been completely rebuilt and is operating at 100%. $1200.00

Please call us (804) 451-1688 for a list of all our used pressure washers.

We constantly put new units into our Rental Fleet for sale at discounted prices.


All of our used pressure washers come with a warranty.