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Cuda Automatic Parts Washers – fast, efficient and labor saving!

Cuda automatic parts washers offer are ideal for engine or hydraulic repair shops where parts need to be cleaned often. Unlike solvent-based washers, Cuda automatic parts washers are the safe alternative for cleaning parts, using no solvents. By choosing an aqueous based parts washer, you won’t need to worry about the effects of harsh chemicals on you or your employees.
Cuda automatic parts washers are available in either front load or top load models – each with many cabinet sizes and electrical configurations. At Hotsy of Virginia, we are an authorized Cuda sales and service center, and will match your needs to the ideal sized cabinet washer for the products you are cleaning.
  • Front load models have a working height up to 60 inches and hold up to 5000 lbs.
  • Top load models take up very little room on the shop floor
  • Cuda’s space saving roll-in door requires no additional clearance above or in front of the machine
  • A front access debris screen filters out particles from the cleaning chamber
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Automatic oil skimmer effectively removes oil and grease from the cleaning solution


Automatic Washing Saves in Labor Costs

Your technicians simply load dirty parts into the parts washer, turn the dial and walk away to perform other work, instead of scrubbing parts by hand. Thousands of automotive professionals agree that an automatic parts washer quickly pays for itself in no time.
Cuda automatic parts washers are available in two styles – front loading or top loading. When equipped with Hotsy’s biodegradable detergents specially formulated for parts washers, you have the best time-saving solution possible for cleaning parts. To learn more about the benefits of aqueous based cleaning, or to receive a product quote, contact the sales team at Hotsy of Virginia today.