1. Lifting eyes let power equipment do the hoisting
  2. Control box with adjustable temperature control lighted burner On/Off switch and hour meter
  3. 8-gallon, removable, fuel tank has fuel gauge in cap
  4. Hotsy-designed triplex belt- drive pump carries a 7-year warranty. Slower RPMs provide less wear and tear on the pump, and enables the pump to draw from water tanks.
  5. 50-ft wire-braided high pressurehose with swivels at both ends
  6. Heavy-duty roll-cage chassis protects internal components

Trigger gun control with cool-grip and variable pressure wand

Heater coil carries a 5-year warranty

Downstream detergent injection

Model 965B: Oil Fired, 3.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI (Show with optional casters and wheel kit)

Belt- drive pump– slower RPMs than a direct drive pump. Belt drive systems operate smoother, as the belts act as a dampener for vibrations and pressure spikes.

Beckett DC Oil-fired burner

Controls for the pump, burner and deterent are easily accessable.

Stainless steel coil skin provides extra durability to withstand overspray


Hotsy Belt Drive Gas Engine models are versatile; convert the standard trailer mount unit into a portable unit with 2 wheels / 2 casters (above), a 4 wheel kit with pneumatic tires or a skid unit for moving by forklift


Model 965B is Powered By Honda 9-HP Engine

  • 8 amp charging system
  • High efficiency
  • cooling & precision lubrication systems
  • Easy-pull start
  • Oil Fired Heaters
  • 3 – 4.6 GPM @3000-3500 PSI
  • 9-13 HP Honda, 16 HP Vanguard Gas Engines
*Battery not required †Battery required, but not supplied E= Electric-start engine B= Belt Drive Dimensions for all models 42”Lx27.5”Wx39”H (without wheel options)