900 Series Pressure Washer Richmond Petersburg Fredericksburg Virginia Beach VA

900 Series Banner Pressure Washer Hosty of Virginia


Looking for a 900 Series Pressure Washer in Richmond Petersburg Fredericks or anywhere throughout Virginia? You’ve come to the right place. All the details to the 900 Series Pressure Washer for Hotsy of Virginia are directly below. Please scroll down.

  1. 50-ft. length of high-pressure hose(shown on reel) and hanger for ease in cleaning around a large area
  2. easy to understand operating instructions and warning labels
  3. Built-in wand holder provides convenient storage
  4. Wheel kit and handle make for easy portability (standard on oil-fired models)
  5. Semi-pneumatic tires eliminate the risk of flats
  6. Heavy-duty fuel filter protects burner fuel pump
  7. Insulated Hotsy Trigger Gun; 36” insulated wand with ergonomic, adjustable side handle
  8. Rust-proof, removable, non-contaminating polyethylene fuel tank includes fuel gauge in cap. Tank is oversized to provide for long-running operating time (standard on oil-fired models)
  9. Convenient hose reel bracket (standard) accepts swivel or stationary reels
  10. Control panel includes adjustable temperature control, plus heavy-duty heater and pump motor switches
  11. Hose reel (optional) makes hose mobility and storage easy and convenient. Keeps work areas neat and safe while protecting hose from damage
  12. Water-resistant cabinet, electrical box and motor. Heater coil carries a 5-year warranty
  13. Adjustable upstream detergent injection provides high-pressure sudsing for better cleaning
  14. Thermal rupture disk protects the machine and user from thermal expansion
  15. Stainless-steel coil skin provides extra durability to withstand the elements, resist corrosion and endure rough treatment
  16. Upright, oil fired burner delivers high efficiency and maintains constant temperature using diesel fuel, kerosene or home-heating oil

Hotsy-designed Triplex pumps carry a 7-year limited warranty

5 HP, 1725 RPM or 6.2 HP, 3450 RPM Baldor electric motor: drip proof and comes with thermal overload protection

Float tank

helps maintain constant water pressure

and flow and helps prevent sediment from entering

the machine’s components…great for use in well-water

environments and low-water situations

Model 982SS:
with Natural Gas Fired
combustion chamber

  • Oil Fired, LP or Natural Gas Fired
  • 3.8-3.9 GPM @2000- 2300 PSI
  • Hotsy Triplex Pump with 7-yr warranty
  • ETL-Certified for safety

SS=Stainless Steel Dimensions: 45”l* x 18”w x 50”h *Length extends to 50” with hose reel & wand bracket