Pressure Washer Sales and Service in Virginia!

Looking for Pressure Washer in Petersburg VA? At Hotsy of Virginia we sell, rent, and repair pressure washers throughout the State of Virginia from Petersburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg, Stafford County, Fairfax, and Alexandria, from Virginia Beach, to Roanoke and all points in between. We service and rent Hotsy and BE pressure washers and repair all brands of pressure washers. We sell the best and repair the rest. Hotsy pressure washers retain their value and function for years. We take trade-ins on new upgrades. So we also sell premium refurbished machines. Located in Petersburg VA south of Richmond, we do in-house and on-site repairs. Our factory trained technicians travel the whole state of Virginia with an extensive line of Hotsy parts and generic parts to fix most power washer brands. We can even pick-up at your location and return- often within 24 hours if in-house service is needed. We generally have 24 hour return time on service. We also repair, commercial vacuum cleaners, waste water treatment systems, other small engines, and Waste Oil Heaters that we sell.

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Hotsy of VA Will Help You Find The Right Pressure Washer For Your Needs in Virginia 

Truck stops from throughout Virginia use huge stationary Hotsy Wash Bays to clean big rigs with all the hot water power they could ever need. Our technicians custom install these wash bay systems at your location- anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you have special needs, our pressure washers can be customized at the factory or at our shop. Or maybe you need a parts washer for your auto shop. Other clients need trailer mounted 2500 or higher PSI pressure washers with hose reels. Maybe your pressure washing needs require a smaller pressure washer with wheels. Maybe you need a gas powered rig. How about electric? As a rule, hot water cleans best. We can match you up with a machine capable of heating the volume of water you need at the right flow and pressure for your job. A rancher in Idaho uses a Hotsy pressure washer with low pressure and heat (350 PSI @ 90deg F) to bathe his cattle. His registered Hereford loves his Hotsy baths. But maybe your applications can get away with a cold water system saving you money. On that note, maybe your budget would rather lease or look into our re-built pre-owned machines.

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Used Equipment

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Water Treatment

Hotsy of Virginia carries pressure washer supplies for customers from Richmond to Culpeper.

Finding the right wash soap, degreaser, windshield washer or other cleaner for your job is crucial. We stock a full line of pressure washer supplies at our store including Hotsy Brown Heavy Duty Degreaser which can clean years of oil from commercial garage floors. We have specialty products like RTU Housewash which cleans roofs, siding, and decks without harming flowers or shrubbery. We now have the unbelievable Con-B-Gone that softens dried concrete on construction equipment before you pressure wash it away saving labor costs. Hotsy detergents are tailored for specific cleaning applications. We carry over 50 individual formulations- each one best suited for targeted jobs saving time, effort, and labor cost. Hotsy Ripper II degreaser cleans restaurant fry oil recycling containers like a charm. We even have Hotsy Fat Cap graffiti remover. Hotsy detergents are specially formulated for use in pressure washers and parts washers. Stock your auto detailing shop with Hotsy best quality and priced waxes, polishes, protectants, tire shines, odor eliminators, carpet cleaners and more. We even have the Ultimate Cutter Compound & Scratch remover.

We carry pressure washer accessories for every purpose.

Getting the right accessories for the job makes all the difference. We stock a wide variety of pressure washer accessories and we’ll help you find the right ones. We stock Surface Cleaners that have a rotating horizontal turbo-spray. It’s the perfect accessory for cleaning driveways, walkways, body shop floors, showrooms, pool areas, warehouses, drive-through areas, and commercial garage floors. We carry up to 24 ft telescoping spray wands for cleaning upper stories of buildings. We carry pressure washer lances, spray guns, brushes, hose reels and spray tips for your various job applications.

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Pressure Washer Accessories

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Hotsy pressure washer products last longer than the other brands.

Hotsy has been manufacturing top-of-line pressure washers for 40 years. We’ve had our pressure washers come in from fires. We replaced the pull-cord, melted plastic, and hoses. It started right up. We had one involved in a frac tank explosion- same thing. Many of our loyal customers used to go to big box stores or on-line for their pressure washers only to have them break down every couple of months. This costs them in lost productivity. We’ve had a Hotsy 550A pressure washer used every day since 1989 come in for its first service in Oct. 2013. An oil change, a new nozzle and it’s good to go. We’ve had plenty of Hotsy pressure washers that never needed service during their standard 7 year warranty.

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Waste Oil Heaters

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Our Waste Oil Heaters pay for themselves in 4 months.

In these days of tight budgets, our Waste Oil Heaters are a great solution for rising energy costs. Why spend extra labor cost packaging and storing used oil- and then pay to have it hauled away? One client was paying $1800/ month to heat their shop. We installed our CleanEnergy Waste Oil Heater. Now they have free heat. This marvel will pay for itself in 4 months. Also consider the satisfaction of re-using fossil fuels and lowering dependence on foreign oil.

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